Our activities are specialized in the following sectors:

Industry   Food
- Meta - Freezer
- Textile - Bakeries
- Wood - Bundle pack
- Flooring - Bag-in-box
- Confection  
- Construction  
- Lamination  


Quality   BRC
Delivering a competitive priced product with a constant quality level is one of our most important goals. we guarantee this through a constant control, starting from our purchase of raw materials till the delivery of our products with the customer.

VH plastics is BRC-IOP certified, this certificate gas strict requirements towards food safety.
The BRC standard makes sure that we have a risk analysis system and a documented system that incorporates the products, employees and our processes.

We maintain a constant contriok of our work processes, machines and raw materials. brc


Production process   Speed 
Our production process is completed in house at our facility. we offer PE packaging materials from semi finished products to finished product   At VH plastics speed is a priority. our flexible logistics guaranteed a short delivery term. a big focus is put on a swift delivery of our orders. 
Competitive pricing   Employees
We deliver competitive pricing due to the fact that our production , storage and sales are at our facility.   At VH Plastics, there is a strong focus on the selection of our employees, through knowledge and training.